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Research Affiliates

The Manta Research Affiliates Program is designed to extend the reach of manta researchers through the efforts of concerned individuals, sport divers, underwater photographers, diving industry and local conservation groups. Research Affiliates, especially those with frequent manta encounters, are providing invaluable support to increase our knowledge about manta populations, habitats, behavior and migration patterns.

The Manta Research Affiliates Program provides an opportunity for concerned individuals, sport divers, photographers and the diving industry to participate in the field research to build a sound knowledge base for the protection and conservation of manta rays. Participating Research Affiliates advance our collective mission to protect and conserve the worldwide populations of Manta birostris and related Mobulas.

We are seeking the support of individuals and groups in many of the locations that we have been collecting sightings data. If you would like to participate in this program please contact Robert Aston, Executive Director.

Australia Zoe Richards Manta Sight. Museum of Tropical Queensland
Australia John Rumney Undersea Explorer
Australia Nathalie Nalo Exmouth Diving Centre
Australia Kristin Anderson Exmouth Diving Centre
Brazil Otto Bismarck Fazzano Gadig UNESP - Campus de São Vicente
Brazil Otto Bismarck UNESP - Campus de São Vicente
Costa Rica Malin Tjernström Rich Coast Diving
Ecuador Michel Guerrero Exploramar diving
Ecuador Felipe Vallejo EQUILIBRIO AZUL
Fiji Bob Forster Dive Kadavu
French Polynesia Moeava de Rosemont
FSM John Fillmed Yap Pathways Hotel
Guam Matt Howes
Indonesia Ivan Choong
Madagascar Rachel Graham
Maldives Robert Bryning Maldives Scuba Tours
Maldives Mark Butterfield
Maldives Guy Stevens
Maldives Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler Maldives Scuba Tours
Marshall Islands Michael Benham none
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta Maria Munn Ocean Visions
Micronesia Maria McGlynn Discover Yap Eco-Awareness
Mozambique Laura Virgili
Mozambique Steve Gardner Knowledge Films
Mozambique Andrea Marshall
New Zealand Clinton Duffy Department of Conservation
New Zealand Seth Bean
Panama Chris Palle Lost Coast Excursions
Philippines Mark E.M. Villanueva Blue Zoo
Philippines Tito G. Valiente
Philippines Stuart Green none
Philippines Moonyeen Alava World Wide Fund for Nature
Solomon Islands Sally Solomon Watersport
South Africa Reon Coetzee none
Switzerland Ronald Merzel Antinea Foundation
Tanzania Thierry Thevenet Karios Company
Thailand Malte Felix Fraebel Bubblemind Productions
Thailand Sven Elfen
Tonga Paul Stone
United States Capt. Frank Wasson Gulf Diving
USA, Hawaii, KOna James Wing Dolphin Dreams
USA, Hawaii, Maui Harry Donenfeld
USA, Hawaii, Molokini Benja Iglesis none
World Jendrik Schroede none